Pacific Northwest Thanksgiving: Vancouver

We’ve come to part three, the final leg of our Thanksgiving tour of the Pacific Northwest. I don’t know why I have such a strong impulse to say we. You’re … Continue Reading →

Chihuly Garden and Glass and Space Needle

Pacific Northwest Thanksgiving: Seattle

If you’re just joining us, we (that’s the royal we) are recounting a Pacific Northwest trip taken over Thanksgiving week last year (2014). After bumming around Portland and the Willamette … Continue Reading →

Bailey's Taproom beer Portland OR

Pacific Northwest Thanksgiving: Portland and the Willamette Valley

Last fall we took a look at our calendars and decided that going home for both Christmas AND Thanksgiving would be a little too much for us, but we didn’t … Continue Reading →

Lost toy in Rose Hill cemetery

Spooky clip show

Halloweek is upon us, but because I won’t really have the chance to dress up this year (because someone very awesome and important is getting married that day), the all-consuming … Continue Reading →

maltese in a bowtie

How dare you

A friend shared the following post on Facebook, pointing out how unnecessarily judgmental and dumb the author was: Saying Your Dog Is Your “Baby” Is an Insult to Moms Everywhere … Continue Reading →


Patty the dog

One evening after work, I stopped by PetCo for the usual run of dog and/or cat food (Wet. For mature kitties. Chunks and gravy NOT minced, so help you.) As … Continue Reading →


18 times when I was just the worst kind of girl

That time I spent like $100 on makeup at Sephora and MAC AND signed up for Birchbox all in one week. That time I made everyone dress up fancy for … Continue Reading →


Name of the game

The sweet and savvy Aubrey of Adventures in Aubreyland posted a few months ago about her decision to not change her last name after she got married this year, and how that … Continue Reading →


Media rant: Electronic melodic

It’s another post with a listen-along playlist! Because no one asked for it!!!! But I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about some music that needs to get out. … Continue Reading →


Irish Moon

The first two days of our honeymoon in Ireland included trips around Galway, The Burren, to the Cliffs of Moher and Poulnabrone Dolmen. Onward did we go to… Day 3: Ballyseede … Continue Reading →