Snow on IU campus in Bloomington IN

Back home again

Richard and I went home to Bloomington, IN to spend Christmas with our families. Last year was the first time I’d ever gone home for the holidays since I’d always previously… … Continue Reading →


Cat on a hot tin dancefloor

On Halloween, Richard and I went to a Skrillex show in our neighborhood. We put on some light-up costumes and headed into the loud, laser-filled former Ford factory event space and … Continue Reading →


Someone left a cake

I almost cried three times today. The saddest thing about this day is not the fact that I’m crossing the 30-year hump. It’s not saying goodbye to my 20s. My … Continue Reading →

Princess Bride and Wesley

Pwincess Buttercwup

Alright, I didn’t mean to write three posts in a row about The Princess Bride, but it is Halloween and I had this one drafted before that whole other situation became … Continue Reading →

As you wish nails

I was this close.

I touched it. His hand, that is. I know it’s incongruous to start out a post about an As You Wish book-signing event with a Robin Hood: Men in Tights … Continue Reading →


Why you can’t spring things on introverts

This Monday, I came across a tweet. And I died. I don’t want to go into the details about the immenseness of my love for this actor, but let’s say our … Continue Reading →

Russian Hill Estate with gecko

Dog wine tasting in the Russian River Valley

Wait, that kind of sounds like we were tasting dog wine. I don’t think that’s a thing. What I meant to say was that we and our dog went wine … Continue Reading →

I Fucking Love Fall


I love fall. You do too? NO. YOU DON’T. NO ONE HAS EVER LOVED FALL THE WAY I DO. I love fall. You do too? HOLY CRAP WHAT ARE THE … Continue Reading →

Dark nails, jacket


One day I caught my reflection in the window of the BART and was rather pleased and a little surprised at the person I was projecting. Look at me, standing … Continue Reading →

Hello bright pink bookmark

Undocumented events

  If one goes to a concert but does not Instagram it, did it really happen? By way of an update, here are some things that happened of which I … Continue Reading →