18 times when I was just the worst kind of girl

That time I spent like $100 on makeup at Sephora and MAC AND signed up for Birchbox all in one week. That time I made everyone dress up fancy for … Continue Reading →


Name of the game

The sweet and savvy Aubrey of Adventures in Aubreyland posted a few months ago about her decision to not change her last name after she got married this year, and how that … Continue Reading →


Media rant: Electronic melodic

It’s another post with a listen-along playlist! Because no one asked for it!!!! But I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about some music that needs to get out. … Continue Reading →


Irish Moon

The first two days of our honeymoon in Ireland included trips around Galway, The Burren, to the Cliffs of Moher and Poulnabrone Dolmen. Onward did we go to… Day 3: Ballyseede … Continue Reading →

Poulnabrone Dolmen, Ireland

Irish Honey

This is only… one and a half years late but, uh, here it is: One time, Richard and I got suuuper married and then went to Ireland. Why choose Ireland … Continue Reading →

Media rant: Rock music

Media rant: Rock music?

For some reason, when I discover a new bit of media that I like, I like, REALLY get into it. I binge on as much as I can, and learn … Continue Reading →


Absolutely Mortified

Did you keep a diary in middle school or high school? Or a journal, if you’re a dude or especially artsy? Do you remember what you wrote? Would you share … Continue Reading →

Speechless event photo

Things my nice coworkers said

I think I’ve already mentioned how very nice and lovely my coworkers are (if sometimes a little misguided). We’re a small group, and so although I’ve only been there a … Continue Reading →


Happy Valentimes

One year in high school, when I was vehemently anti-Valentine’s Day and pro-female solidarity, I convinced some of my lady friends to wear lime green (or the closest thing they had) … Continue Reading →

Browser Tab Bingo

Browser Tab Bingo

Richard and I accidentally invented a game last weekend, I’ve dubbed it Browser Tab Bingo. It started while we were making breakfast—I thought I had pulled up a recipe on … Continue Reading →