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In this installment of my adventures in Internetting, I’d like to share an interesting trend in philanthropy–buying stuff that purports to help a worthy cause. I’m not including TOMS here because I hate them. Well I hate the normal TOMS; they look like Ace bandages wrapped around your feet. I’m also not including BOBS by Skechers, the most literal (and grossest) knockoff of anything ever in the history of the world.

It’s an interesting concept, kind of like, “We know you’re too lazy to actually get involved and too cheap to just donate, so how about you buy stuff you’d normally want to buy but we’ll just sneak in some philanthropy and you’ll barely feel a thing. Plus you can brag to your friends about it later.” I’m not against it, and if it works, then hey–keep it right up.

Follow the Frog – Rainforest Alliance

This is an awesome campaign promo, watch it even if you really don’t care about buying non-rainforest-destroying goods.


The Union Co.

This company works to bring a whole bunch of different causes together to sell you some pretty interesting stuff. I really like some of the jewelry MADE FROM BOMBS. It helps to clear bomb fields in Laos. So that’s a good story when someone compliments you on your necklace. I also would consider getting one of these backpacks that help provide educational opportunities to children in India. You can even order fresh flowers to help support sustainable farmers who create jobs and support their employees.

PEACEBOMB necklaceJatalo backpackThe Bouqs Above and Beyond bouquet

Epiphany onE Puck

So I first clicked on a link to explore this product because it just sounded SO AWESOME. It charges up your phone just by placing a hot or cold beverage on it. How great would this be during travel, at airports or in transit before you can get into a hotel? Turns out, incidentally, they’re using this product to fund a larger project to help provide more clean water and energy in developing countries. Bonus! It’s still Kickstarting, so you can get one for $115 now or $150 when it retails.

Epiphany onE Puck in actionEpiphany onE Puck

So there’s a smattering of products that will do good in the world in your stead. I guess it’s like when I discovered eBates last week–you might be buying these things anyway, might as well make them work for you.


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