Lookit my new site design. LOOK. It’s…darker? Less pink and curly. As with my clothing, I feel drawn more to darker pieces with a bit of an edge since moving to the big city. I likes my design like I likes my coffee.


Speaking of ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, I’m gonna try writing more about real stuff to chronicle our life out West. For posterity. It’s been a weird 15 months with all the emotional ups and downs you’d expect, and try as we might we are evolving with our new environment. Not that we were against changing, I mean, that’s one great reason to make any big move in your life and certainly a part of why we uprooted ourselves from the Midwest to try out the Bay Area–to expand our horizons and have some new experiences. Growth ‘n shit.

So Imma try and note some of those changes, the good and the bad, and what it’s been like to adjust to a vastly, vastly different lifestyle. I’m sure I’ll still ramble about nonsense, so if that’s all you come here for, then fear not. Use the handy tabs up top to find what you like. Skip the boring stuff.

And if all you come here for is cats, then:


Please excuse teh typoes

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