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Sometimes I just need a break from news. And also people. And news about people. And how shitty they are. You know? Like, I’m scared to go on Facebook anymore because I know I’ll just be saddened, or angered, or maybe hungered, which is definitely the least problematic but still unpleasant.

And when I need a break from all of those toxins, a quick hit of emotional superfruit to boost my system, I have a few go-tos that are guaranteed to do the trick every time. I share them here, hoping you will share your own, and maybe together we can ever-so-slightly shift the world’s emotional spectrum to the happy colors.Pixel the cat with a tongue blep


Disembodied hands play popular songs on acoustic instruments while the most goddamn beatific dog chills hard nearby. Every time I see a new post I sigh with relief. It’s so relaxing. If he made a video album of songs I would buy it in a heartbeat and spend a day detoxing with that gorgeous dog. I’d pay any amount of money to join that dog’s ashram. I’d follow that yogi dog over mountains, in the snow, in Berkenstocks, if she’d just share her secrets.

"Lucky I'm in love with my best friend. Lucky to have been where I have been.." Lucky by Jason Mraz w/ Maple ☺️🐶

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Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House w/ Maple 🐶😴 (I posted the Guitar Tabs at ☺️👍)

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Colors Of The Wind from Pocahontas on a Harp w/ Maple 🐶 "Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon?"

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Maple 🐶🍂 (Original Music)

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Maple got another elephant in her @barkbox!! 🐘🐶 (Visit to get an extra month of BarkBox) ☺️

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The full video w/ Maple is now on YouTube at! 🎶 See You Again

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I find this Twitter account endlessly amusing. Total nonsense plus a lot of made up rules plus ongoing sagas, with pictures of doggies. And a fake feud with goats.

Often, Reddit is both the problem and the solution. Far be it for me to tell you what you’ll like in the infinite Reddit universe, but the following subreddits are my favorites for good feels.


This is a no-brainer. Your one-stop shop for all the cute shit. Cats, dogs, babies, small lizards, nudi-branches for some reason—you name it, they got it. It’s very popular, which means it is constantly updated, so you can binge on adorable shit to your heart’s literal content.

Fighting off sleep

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I’ll get you one day Snow White


Sneaky Paws.

Cat is given title of “Most Awful Sleeping Face in Japan”



Similar to r/aww, this subreddit is literally just there for when you’ve looked at something awful and need to  scour your eyes with something really cute.


Another no-brainier for when you need, you know, news that’s not going to make you question whether the whole idea of humanity was such a good idea. Qualifier: A lot of uplifting news starts out very sad, because it’s gotta be lifted up from somewhere.


Just a lot of funny gifs of animals that forgot how to animal. Usually involves ice cream. Bonus: computer puns.

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Cat trying to jump on waxed floor

Doge.exe has stopped working

Kitty Brain Freeze


Posts and comments and interactions collected from all over Reddit—often very thoughtful, compassionate discussions. There are some amazing stories of people helping people, uncanny coincidences, chance encounters and those small, but amazing little miracles that prove humans can be really, really good to eachother. Even anonymously, on the internet.

Guy complains that his wife’s wearable heartrate monitor has been registering too high for a few days, and asks for help with troubleshooting. Turns out it was a very different hardware problem than originally expected …

Two users end up together due to being each other’s secret santa.

American OP trying to fulfill 88 y.o. Grandma’s wish to gather info on her brother who died in France during WWII asks with little hope for French users to take a photo of his grave. User provides photo, another does research and gives precious info about Great Uncle.

I hope that helps. I feel better already.

Share your faves if you feel so inclined.

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