Sum up rum up

Remember that time in November when I was like, Blog All the Things! Lol. Shortly after that, a big change happened: at the end of November I was offered a … Continue Reading →

Cute as a button

I promise my next post will be funny and entertaining, but for now I wanted to brag about share my latest craftventures. Item 1 Skirt with pockets. I made this … Continue Reading →

Portrait of a cat

I’m working on a real post, but it’s going to require some more field research than I had anticipated…so here’s a cheap post about my cat! Here she is. Her … Continue Reading →

Charm necklace detail

She’s a crafty little SOB

Fiance and I were discussing childhood past times the other day, and I realized how very crafty I’ve been throughout the years. Crafty as in conniving and mischievous, yes, but … Continue Reading →