Name of the game

The sweet and savvy Aubrey of Adventures in Aubreyland posted a few months ago about her decision to not change her last name after she got married this year, and how that … Continue Reading →

Media rant: Electronic melodic

It’s another post with a listen-along playlist! Because no one asked for it!!!! But I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about some music that needs to get out. … Continue Reading →

Charlie in the grass

Bluegrass in wine country

When last you left me I was ranting about the musicians Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott (I GUESS I SHOULD LINK HERE SO YOU CAN CATCH UP). Well it just … Continue Reading →

follow your god damn dreams

Just keep climbing

Once, a long time ago, I wrote about the first full-time job offer I ever got. After months of really soul-deflating job applications and a scant handful of interviews that … Continue Reading →


Use your words

I’m not a grammar or spelling Nazi, because even though I’d like to think so I’m not an expert at either. I will never feel confident in my use of … Continue Reading →

Sorority girls in neon

Girls making poor decisions

Last month I participated in College’s Greatest Weekend, otherwise know as the Little 500 at Indiana University. While out and about, we noticed a horrifying trend on the sorostitutes parading … Continue Reading →

Charm necklace detail

She’s a crafty little SOB

Fiance and I were discussing childhood past times the other day, and I realized how very crafty I’ve been throughout the years. Crafty as in conniving and mischievous, yes, but … Continue Reading →

Anonymous text friend: the shocking finale!

-OR- How a Question Mark Changed Everything I Thought I Knew About the World. (Catch up on parts 1 and 2 if you need to.) I couldn’t wait to tell … Continue Reading →

Anonymous text friend: part 2

I don’t know if you’ve heard about my interesting conversation with a stranger or not, but you should probably start here: Anonymous text friend (post). Now that we’re all caught … Continue Reading →

Anonymous text friend

One day last week I received the following text from a number I didn’t recognize… ANONYMOUS: What’s gucci Is someone really asking me what Gucci is? Or is it some … Continue Reading →