Absolutely Mortified

Did you keep a diary in middle school or high school? Or a journal, if you’re a dude or especially artsy? Do you remember what you wrote? Would you share … Continue Reading →

San Francisco 1906 earthquake

Mr. Grumblepants

In the Midwest, we’re well-versed in severe weather: crazy storms, tornadoes, flooding, blizzards–we’re taught from a young age what to do in case of serious bad news from the skies. … Continue Reading →

Moss Beach Distillery

Half Moon Bay

Ricardo and I were invited to go camping one weekend in October, but because we left all of our gear in Indiana and we’re too cheap to buy new stuff, … Continue Reading →

A very happy New Year

…to you! That last series of posts was pretty negative, so I wanted to share a more positive experience so you won’t think I’m a total bitch. Just a partial … Continue Reading →