Lost toy in Rose Hill cemetery

Spooky clip show

Halloweek is upon us, but because I won’t really have the chance to dress up this year (because someone very awesome and important is getting married that day), the all-consuming … Continue Reading →

Couches from Scandinavian Designs will give you pink eye

Hi. Welcome back to our saga. When last we left, I was really upset about how purchasing a couch from Scandinavian Designs was taking three months, giving me scoliosis, pink … Continue Reading →

Scandinavian Design Couches Cheap

This isn’t really a site where you can buy couches from Scandinavian Designs for cheap. Sorry. I just said that so that maybe people who are thinking about buying furniture … Continue Reading →

Portrait of a cat

I’m working on a real post, but it’s going to require some more field research than I had anticipated…so here’s a cheap post about my cat! Here she is. Her … Continue Reading →