Snow on IU campus in Bloomington IN

Back home again

Richard and I went home to Bloomington, IN to spend Christmas with our families. Last year was the first time I’d ever gone home for the holidays since I’d always previously… … Continue Reading →

Creche in an alcove

Sorry for all the late-night cackling, neighbors

Before falling asleep one night, Richard and I were discussing the importance of finding the right customer base for a business venture we’ve been noodling on. You know. Like everyone … Continue Reading →

Herp-y Holidays!

I guess I didn’t have much to say in November…that’s a bad blogger. Here’s one last post before December hits us like a sack of coal, to get you in … Continue Reading →

Edward Gorey Christmas alligator robot

Christmas and I…It’s Complicated

I always tell people that I hate Christmas, but that’s not really true. I hate what Christmas does to people, I hate what it’s come to mean to many, but … Continue Reading →