Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Hello? It’s Mihaly.

A conversation and a proof. RICHARD: Wow, what time is it? ME: It’s 10pm. RICHARD: Yeah, I totally lost track of time there for a bit, while playing this video … Continue Reading →

Creche in an alcove

Sorry for all the late-night cackling, neighbors

Before falling asleep one night, Richard and I were discussing the importance of finding the right customer base for a business venture we’ve been noodling on. You know. Like everyone … Continue Reading →

INTJ - the scientist

Informed Myers-Briggs arguments

When the lovely over-achiever Aubrey posted about taking the Myers-Briggs (I guess we’re also calling it Keirsey?) personality test as part of her Kelley MBA prep, it reminded me of … Continue Reading →

Time traveling impressionist painting

Pirate crashing & time travel

A late-night conversation with Richard. ME: Dude, I just entered us to win tickets to an event called Riviera Regatta this weekend for Bastille Day. Just listen to this description: Join us … Continue Reading →

A grocery trip

Right now I’m working part-time, which has it ups and downs, but one of the benefits is that I can get errands done during weekdays. Like grocery shopping, which I … Continue Reading →

A late night conversation

I’LL bet those last few posts were not very entertaining. So–I present to you: A Late Night Conversation. This was just after the Super Bowl. Timely! Contextual! ME: Hey, why … Continue Reading →

Anonymous text friend: the shocking finale!

-OR- How a Question Mark Changed Everything I Thought I Knew About the World. (Catch up on parts 1 and 2 if you need to.) I couldn’t wait to tell … Continue Reading →

Anonymous text friend: part 2

I don’t know if you’ve heard about my interesting conversation with a stranger or not, but you should probably start here: Anonymous text friend (post). Now that we’re all caught … Continue Reading →

Anonymous text friend

One day last week I received the following text from a number I didn’t recognize… ANONYMOUS: What’s gucci Is someone really asking me what Gucci is? Or is it some … Continue Reading →

When to shut your face

One way to tell whether we’re friends or not (or whether I’m drunk or not) is how well my filter is working. You know, the filter between what I’m thinking … Continue Reading →