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Watch these docs

As a follow-up to my last rambly post about making movies and documentaries, how about some short lists of documentaries to check out? Let me know if I’ve missed some … Continue Reading →

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Why I like making movies

One of my favorite days during my time in grad school–and really of all time (in a thankfully long list of favorite days)–was the day my 30-minute documentary premiered at … Continue Reading →


Ahh! Ghosts!

Hey, it’s almost Halloween. Watch my bitchin’ documentary (artfully titled As Long As We Keep Telling, –I KNOW it’s too long) and learn why we tell ghost stories in a … Continue Reading →

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Things are happening

Oh man, I remember this thing. I have so many draft posts saved, but I don’t feel like finishing any of them. They have interesting names like, “Catholic camp,” and … Continue Reading →