Pixel the cat with a tongue blep

Instant boost

Sometimes I just need a break from news. And also people. And news about people. And how shitty they are. You know? Like, I’m scared to go on Facebook anymore … Continue Reading →

maltese in a bowtie

How dare you

A friend shared the following post on Facebook, pointing out how unnecessarily judgmental and dumb the author was: Saying Your Dog Is Your “Baby” Is an Insult to Moms Everywhere … Continue Reading →

Patty the dog

One evening after work, I stopped by PetCo for the usual run of dog and/or cat food (Wet. For mature kitties. Chunks and gravy NOT minced, so help you.) As … Continue Reading →

Russian Hill Estate with gecko

Dog wine tasting in the Russian River Valley

Wait, that kind of sounds like we were tasting dog wine. I don’t think that’s a thing. What I meant to say was that we and our dog went wine … Continue Reading →

Hello bright pink bookmark

Undocumented events

  If one goes to a concert but does not Instagram it, did it really happen? By way of an update, here are some things that happened of which I … Continue Reading →

Charlie in the grass

Bluegrass in wine country

When last you left me I was ranting about the musicians Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott (I GUESS I SHOULD LINK HERE SO YOU CAN CATCH UP). Well it just … Continue Reading →