good dog

How to connect with anyone

I came across this article, titled “How to immediately connect with anyone,” in my Facebook Newsfeed and gave it the old clickerooni. Because, although I am a standoffish introvert INTJ … Continue Reading →

Rochambeau, dig me?

Browser Tab Bingo Update

I have roughly a thousand blog posts drafted but can’t mustard the energy to finish any of them for some reason. So I thought a quick game of Browser Tab … Continue Reading →

Pixel the cat with a tongue blep

Instant boost

Sometimes I just need a break from news. And also people. And news about people. And how shitty they are. You know? Like, I’m scared to go on Facebook anymore … Continue Reading →

18 times when I was just the worst kind of girl

That time I spent like $100 on makeup at Sephora and MAC AND signed up for Birchbox all in one week. That time I made everyone dress up fancy for … Continue Reading →

Happy Valentimes

One year in high school, when I was vehemently anti-Valentine’s Day and pro-female solidarity, I convinced some of my lady friends to wear lime green (or the closest thing they had) … Continue Reading →

Princess Bride and Wesley

Pwincess Buttercwup

Alright, I didn’t mean to write three posts in a row about The Princess Bride, but it is Halloween and I had this one drafted before that whole other situation became … Continue Reading →

I Fucking Love Fall


I love fall. You do too? NO. YOU DON’T. NO ONE HAS EVER LOVED FALL THE WAY I DO. I love fall. You do too? HOLY CRAP WHAT ARE THE … Continue Reading →

Hello bright pink bookmark

Undocumented events

  If one goes to a concert but does not Instagram it, did it really happen? By way of an update, here are some things that happened of which I … Continue Reading →

Charlie in the grass

Bluegrass in wine country

When last you left me I was ranting about the musicians Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott (I GUESS I SHOULD LINK HERE SO YOU CAN CATCH UP). Well it just … Continue Reading →