Lost toy in Rose Hill cemetery

Spooky clip show

Halloweek is upon us, but because I won’t really have the chance to dress up this year (because someone very awesome and important is getting married that day), the all-consuming … Continue Reading →

Cat on a hot tin dancefloor

On Halloween, Richard and I went to a Skrillex show in our neighborhood. We put on some light-up costumes and headed into the loud, laser-filled former Ford factory event space and … Continue Reading →

Princess Bride and Wesley

Pwincess Buttercwup

Alright, I didn’t mean to write three posts in a row about The Princess Bride, but it is Halloween and I had this one drafted before that whole other situation became … Continue Reading →

Ahh! Ghosts!

Hey, it’s almost Halloween. Watch my bitchin’ documentary (artfully titled As Long As We Keep Telling, –I KNOW it’s too long) and learn why we tell ghost stories in a … Continue Reading →

Last-minute costume ideas

So Halloween is next week. Eek. Some years I’m all, “Hey, it’s August. HALLOWEEN IS ALMOST HEEEEERE!1!!” (You may have noticed.) And some years I have other shit to do. … Continue Reading →

A costumed life

I was wondering, after this year’s round of Halloween parties and subsequent photos, how many years of Halloween pictures could I collect? 19. 19 years out of 27…but some years … Continue Reading →

A ghoulish tour

I’ve been properly getting into the Halloween spirit over the past week and remembered my days as a local folklorist of hauntings and the paranormal. This was in my late … Continue Reading →

All my life I wanted to be a tree

Granted, this is a little belated but I posted it on our company blog at the appropriate time. The first thing you should know is that Halloween is my favorite. … Continue Reading →

We’re going on an adventure!

I love Halloween. That statement probably goes farther than any other to explain about me. I start thinking about costumes in mid-September. I have a list. I always wanted to … Continue Reading →