Pixel the cat with a tongue blep

Instant boost

Sometimes I just need a break from news. And also people. And news about people. And how shitty they are. You know? Like, I’m scared to go on Facebook anymore … Continue Reading →

SoLaLa a capella group

Internetting: Tabletop concert

Here’s a simple formula for awesomeness: get your talented band around the kitchen table, set up a camera, and perform with only your voices and some cottage cheese containers. Those … Continue Reading →

Internetting: Porcupines of happiness

This isn’t really a good internetting post, it’s just to share this video of a porcupine that makes THE MOST AMAZING sounds. Ok, I’ll throw in some other porcupine-related items … Continue Reading →

creative gap graphic

Internetting: creative inspiration

For anyone trying to make it as an artist, a creator, or who simply has a creative tug deep in their meaty insides–sometimes, maybe most of the time, it’s difficult … Continue Reading →

Internetting: perspective shift

I’ve noticed in my Internet mining of late that I am continuously drawn to things that are beautiful or clever because they look at something from a unique perspective. Check … Continue Reading →

Internetting: do good

In this installment of my adventures in Internetting, I’d like to share an interesting trend in philanthropy–buying stuff that purports to help a worthy cause. I’m not including TOMS here … Continue Reading →

Internetting: The Harlem Shake (updated)

So I spend a lot of time poking around the Internet*, looking for interesting things to share both for my job and…to kill time. I thought I might as well … Continue Reading →