Name of the game

The sweet and savvy Aubrey of Adventures in Aubreyland posted a few months ago about her decision to not change her last name after she got married this year, and how that … Continue Reading →

Happy Valentimes

One year in high school, when I was vehemently anti-Valentine’s Day and pro-female solidarity, I convinced some of my lady friends to wear lime green (or the closest thing they had) … Continue Reading →

As you wish nails

I was this close.

I touched it. His hand, that is. I know it’s incongruous to start out a post about an As You Wish book-signing event with a Robin Hood: Men in Tights … Continue Reading →

wedding ceremony through a tree

One year anniversary

Well it’s been one year since our wedding. How about them caramel apples? OH MY GOD it feels like SO LONG. Jk, it’s shocking, really, that it was a full … Continue Reading →

documentary producer

Why I like making movies

One of my favorite days during my time in grad school–and really of all time (in a thankfully long list of favorite days)–was the day my 30-minute documentary premiered at … Continue Reading →

Wedding planning as user experience design

I hate those wedding competition shows on TV. They’re exhibitionist, and shallow, and a lame excuse to judge other people. No, wait–those are my favorite things. I LOVE those wedding … Continue Reading →

Edward Gorey Christmas alligator robot

Christmas and I…It’s Complicated

I always tell people that I hate Christmas, but that’s not really true. I hate what Christmas does to people, I hate what it’s come to mean to many, but … Continue Reading →

A Capell-enough already

So, if we’re friends IRL you may know that I fucking love a Capella music. Yeah. F-bomb. What. You may also have noticed I’m a little crazy about it lately. … Continue Reading →

Nonagon of love

Please excuse the self-indulgence, but I’m going to chronicle my recent trip through France here so I can remember it. I very optimistically brought a small notebook in the hopes … Continue Reading →

Girls and sales

A theorem. Theory. What have you. A girl cannot pass up a good sale. There, I said it. Scavengers by nature, we’re constantly and unavoidably drawn to getting something at … Continue Reading →