In this episode of Jennifer Shouts into the Void, in which I feel the need to express my thoughts and feelings about something, although it will make absolutely no damn … Continue Reading →

iPad and Frends headphones showing podcasts

Media rant: Podcasts

I accidentally started a rant about podcast recommendations to two unsuspecting friends on Twitter and realized I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about podcasts. And that I should … Continue Reading →

Media rant: Electronic melodic

It’s another post with a listen-along playlist! Because no one asked for it!!!! But I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about some music that needs to get out. … Continue Reading →

Media rant: Rock music

Media rant: Rock music?

For some reason, when I discover a new bit of media that I like, I like, REALLY get into it. I binge on as much as I can, and learn … Continue Reading →