Pacific Northwest Thanksgiving: Vancouver

We’ve come to part three, the final leg of our Thanksgiving tour of the Pacific Northwest. I don’t know why I have such a strong impulse to say we. You’re … Continue Reading →

Chihuly Garden and Glass and Space Needle

Pacific Northwest Thanksgiving: Seattle

If you’re just joining us, we (that’s the royal we) are recounting a Pacific Northwest trip taken over Thanksgiving week last year (2014). After bumming around Portland and the Willamette … Continue Reading →

Bailey's Taproom beer Portland OR

Pacific Northwest Thanksgiving: Portland and the Willamette Valley

Last fall we took a look at our calendars and decided that going home for both Christmas AND Thanksgiving would be a little too much for us, but we didn’t … Continue Reading →

Russian Hill Estate with gecko

Dog wine tasting in the Russian River Valley

Wait, that kind of sounds like we were tasting dog wine. I don’t think that’s a thing. What I meant to say was that we and our dog went wine … Continue Reading →

Charlie in the grass

Bluegrass in wine country

When last you left me I was ranting about the musicians Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott (I GUESS I SHOULD LINK HERE SO YOU CAN CATCH UP). Well it just … Continue Reading →

Moss Beach Distillery

Half Moon Bay

Ricardo and I were invited to go camping one weekend in October, but because we left all of our gear in Indiana and we’re too cheap to buy new stuff, … Continue Reading →

Invisible cat of destruction

Remember when I said this picture was taken on the night Pixel went crazy? She’d been doing surprisingly well along the trip–in the car she meowed for the first hour … Continue Reading →

Small white dog profile

Westward -hoe! Pt. 3 (the end!)

The thrilling conclusion. Well at least this one has a Charlie the Unicorn reference AND a Stars Wars reference, so it’s a twofer. In case you missed Parts 1 and … Continue Reading →

Westward ho! Pt. 2

More about our great adventure west–catch up on Part 1 if you like. Sorry, these are kinda boring. The route View Larger Map It was long. Real long. It was … Continue Reading →

Westward ho! Pt.1

More for my own memory, here’s a recap of our great adventure out West–if we’re friends on Facebook you’ve probably seen most of the photos so it mightn’t be that … Continue Reading →