Snow on IU campus in Bloomington IN

Back home again

Richard and I went home to Bloomington, IN to spend Christmas with our families. Last year was the first time I’d ever gone home for the holidays since I’d always previously… … Continue Reading →

Small white dog profile

Westward -hoe! Pt. 3 (the end!)

The thrilling conclusion. Well at least this one has a Charlie the Unicorn reference AND a Stars Wars reference, so it’s a twofer. In case you missed Parts 1 and … Continue Reading →

Westward ho! Pt. 2

More about our great adventure west–catch up on Part 1 if you like. Sorry, these are kinda boring. The route View Larger Map It was long. Real long. It was … Continue Reading →

Westward ho! Pt.1

More for my own memory, here’s a recap of our great adventure out West–if we’re friends on Facebook you’ve probably seen most of the photos so it mightn’t be that … Continue Reading →