Pixel the cat with a tongue blep

Instant boost

Sometimes I just need a break from news. And also people. And news about people. And how shitty they are. You know? Like, I’m scared to go on Facebook anymore … Continue Reading →

Arenal volcano Costa Rica

Chinese-Costa Rican mountain doctor

Did I ever tell you about the time I got really sick in Costa Rica? It wasn’t dysentery. Gross. It wasn’t anything related to bad water–we were actually pretty careful … Continue Reading →

Paris day trips

So, you’ve seen what Paris has to offer. If you’re my hairdresser, you’re yawning. You’re bored. You’re so over it. Another delicious crepe with a perfectly-made espresso at a charming … Continue Reading →

Chimera on Notre Dame

Paris expedition

That whole ending with StefCory has gotten me depressed, so I’m going to go back to Paris. In my blog at least. This might not be that entertaining, so you … Continue Reading →

Living room in Paris

How to win at traveling: accommodations edition

I like to think I’m pretty good at planning trips. Spreadsheets, Google maps, itineraries, PowerPoints–you name it, I’m all over it. I mean, I successfully coordinated 14 people into a … Continue Reading →

C’est impossible!

Ok, the trip. Peppered with some French in that annoying way where the word is simply italicized to let you know it’s not English (in case you couldn’t tell…), without … Continue Reading →

Nonagon of love

Please excuse the self-indulgence, but I’m going to chronicle my recent trip through France here so I can remember it. I very optimistically brought a small notebook in the hopes … Continue Reading →