Couches from Scandinavian Designs will give you pink eye

Hi. Welcome back to our saga. When last we left, I was really upset about how purchasing a couch from Scandinavian Designs was taking three months, giving me scoliosis, pink eye, and probably scurvy or something that hasn’t fully manifested itself yet.

Honestly, I understand that it was not Shmarleen’s fault that the couch was being built by medieval peasants and that they couldn’t read modern-day calendars. But as someone who once worked in a position between clients and vendors, I could not believe they were doing nothing about it. Scandinavian Designs seemed to be at the complete mercy of their manufacturers, both for information and for the products they sold to customers.

One time, my print vendors screwed something up and told me that a marketing mailing would not be in the mail on the date I promised to my clients. I just waited for my clients to call me when the mail date was missed, and then I was all, “Oh, it was totally the printer’s fault. Aren’t they super annoying? You’ll have to wait a few months for them to get their shit together.”

And then I got fired.

NO. Actually that never happened. Because I gave at least a single shit about my client relationships and my job. When that happened (and yes it definitely did, everyone experiences hiccups from time to time), I called my clients immediately to explain the sitch and tell them what I was doing about it. Which was generally asking my vendor to make that mailing happen as soon as possible and to give me a discount if it was their mistake (a discount that I would pass on to my clients. Because they were the ones paying for this.)

Aaaaaaat any rate, we heard from Shmarpleleen that the couch from Scandinavian Designs had actually shipped from the Virginia factory on November 7. She was hopeful it would get here before Thanksgiving.

THANKFULLY, it did arrive before the holiday, and when my brother-in-law drove up from LA to visit us, we had a grand ol’ Thanksgiving dinner from our beautiful new couch (because we haven’t even bothered to get a dining room table yet).

Two folding chairs and an office chair

JK! The couch didn’t make it in time for Thanksgiving, so we hauled our office chair downstairs so we could seat three whole people.

'couch' in use

Three whole people plus two fuzzy people.

At this point we decided to just call the store every other day to ask WTF. There was some amusing back and forth with Marplebean about how the couch might actually be in a truck in the parking lot outside of Scandinavian Designs’ distribution center, but they had to wait for a manifesto confirming that it would be loaded into the center. That took a few days, obvs.

Our Scandinavian Designs couch was delivered on December 11, 2012, exactly one day short of four months from the day we purchased it.

This is a really bad picture, but I can’t be bothered to get off the new couch to take a better one.

So ends the saga. We laughed, we cried, we got various maladies together. Couch is lovely, despite probably being too big for our apartment. I’m not going to say he was worth four months’ wait, but we hope he will stay a part of the family for a very, very long time.

We even invited Beanaleen over to enjoy the couch over a few drinks and bury the hatchet.

JK. We buried the hatchet in Bumblebean’s stupid head.

JK. LOL. Haha.

Totally joking about that last one.

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